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What We Do

We understand all businesses are unique. That's why we believe in an individualized approach to each of our clients. We are a team after all.

If you succeed then so do we.


We're here to ensure your financials are clean and clear so you are ready for your next big move:

  • Monthly Accounting

  • Retroactive Accounting

  • Payroll Services

  • Sales Tax

  • 1099 Forms for Subcontractors

  • Monthly Financial Statements

  • Invoices / Bills Assistance

  • Accounting Software Integration

  • Regular communications and Support


​We provide personalized tax preparation services to help you navigate tax season with ease and confidence:

  • Individual Tax Returns

  • Business Tax Returns

  • Sales Tax Compliance

  • State and Local Tax Compliance

  • Informational Tax Forms

  • FATCA Compliance

  • Foreign Income Compliance

  • International Tax Compliance

  • Foreign Subcontractor Compliance


We've got your back when it comes to sorting out your finances. Our accounting assessment digs deep into your numbers to help you out with your accounting. Plus, with our tax resolution services, we'll help you tackle any IRS headaches and get back to business hassle-free!

  • Accounting Assessment

  • Tax Resolution

  • Freelance Starter Consultation


Do you have any questions? Get in touch to learn more.

We got your message!

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